Virtually any medium can be used for advertising.  Commercial advertising media can include wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, printed flyers and rack cards, radio, cinema and television adverts, web banners, mobile telephone screens, shopping carts, web popups, skywriting, bus stop benches, human billboards and forehead advertising, magazines, newspapers, town criers, sides of buses, banners attached to or sides of airplanes, etc.  Any place an “identified” sponsor pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising.

Magazine Advertisements

Magazine Ad: MJ vs. Isaac Newton

Description: Michael Jordan, in his home uniform, is captured performing a gravity-defying dunk.  MJ’s head is close to the rim and he seems effortlessly about to complete the dunk.  The background is all black with the following words in bold uppercase letters “Michael Jordan 1, Isaac Newton 0”.

View Ad: MJ vs Newton

Technique used:  The advertisement technique used for almost all of Nike’s product seems to be association.  Nike utilizes famous athletes to market their brands.  In Jordan’s case I believe that both companies profited extremely well for their mutual marketing arrangements throughout the years.


  1. To build up a brand around MJ’s athletic abilities.
  2. Advertise the Nike as the shoe of choice for Michael Jordan.

Target Market: Athletes, at this time MJs where not such a fashion icon then they are today.

Action for consumers are to go out a purchase Nikes.



Magazine Ad: The Power of 4 Schick Razors

Description: A woman is shaving her legs with a Schick razor; however, the razor is gliding across a tiger tattoo on her leg.  The tiger tattoo is appearing as if it is being skinned as the razor is gliding past the woman’s leg and over the tattoo.  There is a simple banner at the bottom of the page which reads “The Power of 4”, followed by the face of a razor and the Schick trademark.

 View Ad: Schick

Technique used:  I really like this ad, it is very creative in the exaggeration of their product.  The technique utilized in this ad are a combination of wit/humor and transfer.  The wit and hummer is the tiger tattoo being skinned as the razor is gliding over the skin.  The transfer is the exaggeration of Schick product in that this razor is sharp enough to skin a tiger tattoo with ease.


  1. Purchase Schick power 4 razor.

Target Market: The target audience for this advertisement is women that uses razors for shaving.

Action:  After viewing this ad consumers are go buy the power 4 Schick razor.   



Magazine Ad: Camel Cigarettes

Description:A Sailor (in the wrong uniform) is carrying a duffle bag with two hands, with an unlit cigarette in his month.  The “Sailor” has on sunglasses to persuade the cool factor.  There is a female standing in front of the Sailor with a lighter attempting to light the cigarette.  On top of the add there is the Camel banner along with the words Pleasure to Burn underneath.  At the bottom of the page there is the surgeon general’s warning label and across from that there is the camel logo.

View Ad: Camel Cigarettes

Technique used: This ad like almost all tobacco ads utilize the diversion technique.  The ad portrays smoking as something cool, something that provides pleasure.


  1. Smoke cigarettes and you will be cool.

Target Market:  The target audience is young men or anyone that smokes cigarettes.

Action for consumers to take is to go buy cigarettes.



Magazine Ad: This calls for Budweiser

Description: This is a unique ad, it was published in 1960s and as you can see there are four black men featured in the ad.  The ad depicts success and a good time.  Four men dressed professionally engaged with either eating or drinking and conversation.  On the bottom of the page there are the following words “the neighbors… out in the kitchen, swapping ideas with good friends.  This is fun and this calls for Budweiser.”  The ironic part of this ad is that Budweiser made two version, one being tailored to a different demographic.

 View Ad: This calls for Budweiser

Technique used:  This ad uses many different techniques.  It uses transfer, plain folks, and snob appeal.  Looking at the ad in terms of what was taking place in the 60s you can imagine that not a lot of ordinary Black Americans would be able to have a group of friends that all dressed professionally and was able to indulge on a name brand alcoholic beverage.  I don’t think I have five friends today that dress professionally on a regular day basis, that’s why I think that this ad uses the snob appeal technique.  Plan folk technique is used in this ad just because of the addition of the words “the neighbors”, I think that they added this to appeal to the normal folks.  Transfer technique is used simply in the ad by portraying a good time involves Budweiser as a beverage of choice.


  1. Purchase Budweiser and have a good time.

Target Market: The target audience for are advertisement African Americans men.

Action:  After viewing this ad consumers are go purchase Budweiser.   



Magazine Ad: Serenity Mission

Description:The is a simple but powerful ad.  There is generic beer bottle in the middle of the page; inside the bottle is a man that is sitting down at the bottom of the bottle.  The man that is in the bottle man gives off the body language of a man that is defeated, down on his luck, and is ready to give up.  Beside the bottle to the top let are the words “it’s time we help you help you.  On the bottom is the company’s mission along with their logo and email address.

View Ad: Serenity Mission

Technique used: This ad uses simple solution for its main advertisement technique.  The use of Serenity Mission’s service will help individuals deal with alcohol.


  1. If you have a drinking problem or know of someone that does then you should get SM’s rehabilitation program.

Target Market:  Alcoholics or friends or families of those that know of Alcoholics.



I added this PETA ad, it is very powerful.