“Greatest Marketing Campaigns” Analysis
Most consumers are exposed to voluminous flow of advertising messages. In the past ten years, the Internet has created an entirely new venue for advertising as well.  Today social media is ubiquitous; we cannot get away from the latest product message.  In addition, the reason for the vast number of ads we are exposed to daily?  Ads are used to urge the viewer to take an action usually to purchase the product or service shown in the ad.  After all, a company must sell its product or service to customers in order to be profitable.
This assignment requires us to select five (of your own favorite) advertisements from each of the traditional media outlets: radio, television, newsprint, magazine, and outdoor advertising (a total of 25 ads). Create and post an analysis for each ad on your blog.  Each of these five types of traditional media outlets will be aligned with a given week during this course


Radio Ad: Dos Equis “Cinco”

Description: Violin playing in the background with a sense of anticipation feeling.  Man with deep voice talking over the music describing a person that defies a logic.  The description portrays a man bigger than life one that defies laws of nature i.e. sun comes up on the 6th of May just in case is Cinco parties runs long.

Listen: 2010 Radio-Mercury Awards Winners (click the “Cinco” link)

Technique used: I believe that they utilize two techniques in this ad.  They utilize the slogan technique at the end “I don’t always drink beer but when I do I prefer dos equis”.  They use this slogan at the end because at the beginning of the ad they utilize transfer technique.  The transfer technique is used in this ad by first describing an individual and portraying that individual as someone that is remarkable in everything that he does.  At the end of the ad, they provide the slogan that says that he only drinks one type of beer and if you want to be as interesting as he is you will drink this beer also.


  1. To portray a man that is larger than life, who defies all common laws of nature, as we know it.  Building this character for future advertisements.
  2. To substantiate dos equis as a beer of choice for those that want to be in the same light as the character described in the advertisement.

The description of the individual makes you think that if I were to drink dos equis then you would be interesting too.

Target Market: The target market for dos equis are beer drinkers that will pay more for a “quality beer”.

Action for consumers to take and benefit: The ad is utilized in order for customers to be intrigued to try this beer. 



Radio Ad: Miller Brewing Company “Introductions”

Description: The scene is a concert with background drums playing with a crowd yelling and screaming.  Man is on the mic making introductions of the band, which just finished performing.  The MC introduces the drums then goes on to introduce oddly instruments that usually you would not find in a rock band e.g. triangle, harp.  After the introductions, a different man explains that rock without guitars is like beer without taste.  The men then goes to explain that their competition (bud light) has no taste and that their beer has been proven to have better taste then bud light.

Listen: 2005 Radio-Mercury Awards General Prize Winner (click the “Introductions” link)

Technique used: I believe that they utilize metaphoric / transfer approach; they compare their competitor’s beer taste to a rock band that does not have guitars.  The also use testimonial at the end to solidify their claim.


  1. To bring down their competitors product.
  2. To bolster their product with testimonial claims.

The advertisement is meant to take individuals that currently drink bud light to consider drinking their (miller light) beer.

Target Market: The target market for miller light are beer drinkers that might be currently drinking bud light

Action for consumers to take and benefit: The ad is utilized in order for customers to be moved to try miller light if they are currently drinking any other type of light beer. 



Radio Ad: Radio Heard Hear “Josh Hoge”

Description: Guitar playing in the background, real smooth melody.  Artist describe how important the radio is for him.  The artist describes how if he was stuck on an island and he had five things a radio would be one of those things.  Then goes to describe how he enjoys the radio so much.  The narrator chimes in advertising the highlighting that you can listen to the radio at radio heard hear website.

Listen: Radio Heard Here (click the “Josh Hoge” link)

Technique used: I believe that they use association/testimonial technique.  They use this music artist to describe how important radio is.  They piggyback on this artist to plug in their online radio website.


  1. Portray radio as very important.
  2. Plug their website in as a means to listen to the radio.

The advertisement is meant to make radio relevant and have people that want to listen to the radio utilize their website.

Target Market: The target market for radio heard here would be anyone that wants to listen to the radio.

Action for consumers to take and benefit: The radio is still cool and if you listen to the radio then you should listen at our site. 



Radio Ad: Citibank “Too Old”

Description: An individual describes some characteristic of being old and in between phrases, he interjects that it you should not be paying student loans when you are that old.  The man goes on to describe 8 metaphors of being old while saying that your should not be paying off your student loans when your that age.  A person comes on and explains that you can pay off your student loan while you are still young if you utilize Citibank thank you point.

Listen: Citibank Too Old

Technique used: I am a bit confused in what technique that this ad uses but I believe that they utilize the cause and effect technique.  I also believe that they utilize repetition and emotional appeal.  Citibank utilize repetition by repeatedly saying that you should not be old paying off student loans.  They utilize fear in portraying someone old still paying off student loans.  Citibank also utilizes cause and effect in that if you use their services then you will be able to pay off your student loans while you are still young.


  1. Portray student loans as something that can linger and become a burden in your latter years in life.
  2. Plug in Citibank’s thank you point in order to pay off your student loans.

The advertisement plays to student’s fears in that they will be paying off their student loans for a long time unless they use Citibank’s services.

Target Market: The target market Citibank’s thank you points rewards are students with student loans.

Action for consumers to take and benefit: Log on to Citibank’s website to get more information about their product and to eventually utilize their product in order to pay off student loans.



Radio Ad: EPA Drinking Water Service Announcements “For Granted”

Description: Announcer comes on and describes what people do with water, i.e. drink ti, and use it for cooking.   The announcer then asks the question about what do we really know about the water that comes out of faucet.  The announcer then goes on to explain that our water supplier should be mailing out a report to explain more about what is in our tap water and he also proved the audience with a hotline number to call if more information is needed.

Listen: For Granted : you will need to down load the radio clip to listen to it.

Technique used: I believe that EPA utilized a confusion / curiosity technique.  As you first start listening you try to figure out what is the point of the ad, and then there is an emotional scare in that it leaves you with the curiosity in not knowing what is in your tap water.


  1. Inform the audience about a new initiative that requires water suppliers to provide the citizens with information about what is in their tap water.
  2. Call your water supplier or EPA water division.

The advertisement plays to the unknown; it provides a sense of fear in people minds.  After the fear, the ad causes the audience to act in finding out more information about what is in their water supply.

Target Market: All citizens that utilize tap water.

Action for consumers to take and benefit: Read the documents that the water supplier should be mailing out and if you have more questions call the water supplier or EPA water division.