The successive transition from one paradigm to another via revolution

Entrepreneurial Innovation

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  1. Subject: Andrea’s interview

    Thanks for the insightful interview about Andrea. I live up in Asheville, but used to take church trips down to Winston-Salem. Andrea has a great family background. In a world where people are screaming about race, your family reunion is screaming “pass the potato salad”…that’s awesome.
    I see you have 1 BA & 1 MBA…heading for #2 on the masters level. You’re a smart cookie Andrea & I look forward to working with you this semester.

  2. Thanks for conducting 2 awesome interviews with our class mates, Toochikwu.
    Tremaine, it’s good to meet you.
    I wonder how it was to have a dad as a judge. Being grounded probably has a whole different context to it. I see you were involved in local politics. I follow politics &I think it’s great that more & more young people are getting involved in the political process.
    I think your accounting & finance background will serve you well while perusing the dreams of your own business.
    it’s great to meet you & I look forward to working with you this semester,

  3. T,

    I enjoyed your Make it Better Product Review video. You presented great content and it was very informative. Question, what is the difference between the Google Chromecast and a regular HDMI cable?

    – Candace

    • toudeinya says:

      Great questions Candace,

      Well the difference between the chromecast and a HDMI direct connect is that the chromecast allows for wireless streaming from your laptop or capable device to the tv. Without the burden of being limited by direct connection.


  4. Hey Toochikwu,
    That was very informative. I have seen the CHROME cast on TV and really didn’t know much about it.
    Know I see why it is only $35 or so.
    Thanks forgoing first. I have my idea, but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate a video into my assignment.
    Good job and thanks for the help developing my ideas,

  5. Angie Ritter says:

    I enjoyed reading your article on The New Age of Moonshine. It’s been interesting to watch a revival of an art form (liquid but still art) which has such a rich history here in North Carolina. Nice job!

  6. Hey Toochikwu, the link to the Habushu wiki is awesome! The website is looking great and user friendly.

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