Constant Improvements

Constant Improvements Week 4

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  1. Hey Toochi,

    Enjoyed your post! I thought you made an excellent point about complacency, not just in the world of entrepreneurship, but in the professional workforce in general. People or businesses get too comfortable in what they started doing and don’t strive for more. Eventually the complacent individuals or business will be left behind and out worked. Like the companies you mention, they’re constantly innovating and trying to make their business better.


  2. Toochi,

    I love this post and the quotes were also a nice touch. I’m not sure if refusing to be complacent is a trained attitude, but I always want to improve. You mentioned certain companies and people like Apple, Walmart, and Thomas Edison refusing to be satisfied with products and ideas. Without those kinds of individuals, the world would look much different and I feel many creative ideas would never have an opportunity to develop. Constant improvements not only makes products or services better but it also pushes the individual to be better. Character is shown in the face of adversity and although entrepreneurs want to make more money or grow the company, they are doing things to better themselves. Self improvement can be as small as improving time management skills or as large as developing personal relationships.

    Nice work Toochi. You’ve got me motivated to better myself today.

    Danielle Glosson

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