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Dealing with Adversity

Dealing with Adversity

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Adversity”

  1. No, not every child gets a trophy! I couldn’t agree with you more about our young people being exposed to some form of adversity. So many of our youth are just given things in the hopes that they will “figure it out” when the time comes. I would be willing to bet that you too, Toochi, have experienced some form of adverse conditions. That is one of the reasons why I believe you have excelled in this program.

    A positive attitude, tenacity and stick-to-itted-ness are just a few of the positive characteristics that entrepreneurs must live and breath on a daily basis if they are going to be successful. Sadly, the world has become a very negative place and without these traits, many of these entrepreneurs will fail by being faced with adverse situations. Great job on the quotes!

  2. Toochi,

    Great post! As you state, adversity occurs to everyone throughout their lives, in several different occurrences. When it comes down to facing adversity within a professional career, I am willing to bet that entrepreneurs face far more adversity than someone working in the corporate environment. I love how you say adversity can be the best teacher and go on to quote Albert Einstein. It is so true. Bouncing back, and recovering from adversity is a big step, something that everyone, including entrepreneurs need to be able to do.


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