Perception Management 101

Perception management 101

2 thoughts on “Perception Management 101”

  1. I perceive that you have put a great amount of effort into your posts and this program! I agree with your assessment that the customers perception is the primary driver in the business / customer relationship. I would add, however, that many business owners have their own perception about their own businesses. The larger the gap between what they believe is true about their business and what the customers think, the greater the chance for failure.

    Earning a reputation as a company takes time and a lot of hard work and ruining it car take just one unfortunate situation. Once the customer perception has changed for the negative, it takes a great deal of effort to sway them back into the realm of believing their first perception. Obviously, this is a huge part of the success of a business owner and something they must work to improve on a daily basis.

  2. Toochi,

    I never really thought about how there are two different forms of perception, intellectual and experiential. It makes a lot of sense. I always thought of perception on the intellectual side. It is amazing how perception of something can really have a high impact on people. You provided a lot great research for your post.

    Great work!

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