Quality Will Drive Society

Quality Will Drive Society

2 thoughts on “Quality Will Drive Society”

  1. Toochi,

    Your post is spot on. Since I work in the manufacturing world, I live quality every single day. I’ve been involved with cost outs, quality defects, field campaigns, etc. All of these effect the bottom line dollar for the company. Even if it isn’t a monetary effect but a customer dissatisfaction effect, then it still will be felt for some time. There is a fine line between making quality products, on-time performance, and at a cost the marketplace will accept. The saying, “You can pick two: 1) Get it fast, 2) Get it perfect, or 3) Get it cheap, is very true. If you want a quality product shipped fast, then it will not be cheap. If you want a cheap product fast then it will not be quality.


  2. Toochi,

    I like your topic. When you move forward with your products, you will absolutely be judged on its quality. Knowing you, you will produce an amazing beverage that will most likely be worth more than what you will be charging. Customers will always support quality.

    Social media has given everyone an equal opportunity to share feedback quickly. Most of us, as customers, use this information to help us become informed shoppers. Even one negative review impacts my purchase decision making process. Is this fair? I’m not sure, but for those who don’t have unlimited resources, making the best educated decision is important so we don’t waste our money.

    Simply put, cutting quality will cut profits; period.

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