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Physics of the Future Book Review by Toochikwu Udeinya

Physics of the Future Book Review

4 thoughts on “Physics of the Future Book Review by Toochikwu Udeinya”

  1. Toochikwu,
    I’m reading a book by the same astrophysicist called “Visions”. It’s about the next 100 years & the advancements of the 3 pillars of science; computer, bio, and A.I. I see Michio on TV all of the time on Ancient Aliens or science shows about black holes. He’s super-smart & that’s why I picked a book to read y him.
    I think he’s right on. The advancements in microchips we eventually make them cheap enough that we’ll have ‘smart wall paper” and “smart appliances”.
    Michio estimates in the next 100 years, we’ll be able to grow organs in a lab & fight cancer on the molecular level. I’ve heard of that happening now. “Visions” was written in 1997.
    Not to mention the A.I. possibilities. Robots that can think & make decisions would be a great advantage in the manufacturing industry.

    Great report. I hope you enjoyed the read. I’m 1/3 through my book.


  2. Toochikwu,
    This sounds like a very interesting book. Its subject matter covers the areas in which we currently see the most technological interest and innovation. I like the fact that you pointed out how seemingly implausible outcomes/predictions have a firm basis in innovations that we see today and are in keeping with physics basics. This rings true even more so when we think that, in many ways, yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality. Great book review!

  3. Toochikwu,

    That book sounds fairly similar to the one Shannon read and offers great insight as to the scientific advancement that we now posses and will posses in the future. Did you connect with a specific concept within the book? The military has been responsible for so many advancement in our society. I would venture to guess that there are some technologies that they have created that we as civilians will never have access to, or at least not now.

    Nice work on the review.


    1. Ray,

      Thanks. There are a lot of technologies that were of particular interest to me. I thought the concept of eliminating cancer by so many different methods which all sound like it can be accomplished is astonishing. For example the concept of a smart drug that seeks and destroys is almost here. Another technology that stuck out was the thought of having the capability of viewing the internet through your contact lens; I can see this technology being developed soon too.


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