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Newspaper Advertisements

Most Consumers Are Exposed To Voluminous Flow Of Advertising Messages. In The Past Ten Years, The Internet Has Created An Entirely New Venue For Advertising As Well.  Today Social Media Is Ubiquitous; We Cannot Get Away From The Latest Product Message.  In Addition, The Reason For The Vast Number Of Ads We Are Exposed To Daily?  Ads Are Used To Urge The Viewer To Take An Action Usually To Purchase The Product Or Service Shown In The Ad.  After All, A Company Must Sell Its Product Or Service To Customers In Order To Be Profitable.
This Assignment Requires Us To Select Five (Of Your Own Favorite) Advertisements From Each Of The Traditional Media Outlets: Radio, Television, Newsprint, Magazine, And Outdoor Advertising (A Total Of 25 Ads). Create And Post An Analysis For Each Ad On Your Blog.  Each Of These Five Types Of Traditional Media Outlets Will Be Aligned With A Given Week During This Course

Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper Ad: Hardeen Escape Artist

Description: Theodore Hardeen is being drenched in water while in a galvanized cramped in a small iron container and secured with “massive locks”.  One man pours the water in to this container while the two other man, one holding the lid and the other holding the locks, watch with anticipation and concentration.  The ad displays the container when it is covered up and secured to the bottom left.  The bottom text really grab you as it says failure means a drowning death.

View Ad: King of Jail Breakers

Technique used: Labels is used in this ad, descriptive words I think is utilized in many newspaper advertisements.   This ad also uses the emotional appeal in that there is a fear of death for the magician if he doesn’t escape and the only way to find out is to catch the show.


  1. To build up a magic stunt that has death implications.
  2. Advertise the show at a particular time and location.

Target Market: Anyone that is intrigued by magic tricks or shows of entertainment.

Action for consumers to take is to go to the casino to watch the show. 


Newspaper Ad: Drink Pepsi Cola

Description: Very simple advertisement with words that describe the drinks “healthy characteristics”.  The word Drink is the first word that stands out, it is all capitalized, in a different font, and it is in bold.  From there the natural progression is the Pepsi cola in all caps and in bold font.  The “healthy characteristics is followed in regular font.  The ad is then completed with the words Pepsi Cola bottling works.

View Ad: Drink Pepsi Cola  go to page four then scroll to the bottom.

Technique used: Stacking is used in this ad in that Pepsi uses a short list of things that help build its brand.  It is so unique in that Pepsi was advertising it’s drink as healthful and without dope or harmful ingredients.  This ad also uses repetition in that it displayed the name Pepsi Cola twice in that small printed ad.


  1. Build up the Pepsi cola brand as a healthful beverage.

Target Market: The target audience for this advertisement is anyone that wanted something that can help digestion and anyone that like a healthful drink.  (Ironic isn’t it)

Action:  After viewing this ad consumers are go buy Pepsi. 


Newspaper Ad: Wearplus Ties

Description: The ad first pulls you in with the phrase “Girls don’t read this”, so natural instinct is I have to read it know what you’re not supposed to be reading.  You have a man’s face to the right of the page with the only part of his wardrobe showing is half a collar and a full length black striped tie.  The paragraph in the middle of the ad explains how if a woman wants to provide the perfect gift to a men then they should buy them this all-silk tie.  The ad provides price ranges and locations of where the ties can be purchased.

View Ad: Wearplus Ties

Technique used: Reverse psychology in providing that initial curiosity to the ad.  Then it uses an emotional appeal in that if you purchase this tie your man would be extremely delighted by the gift.


  1. Read more about the silk ties that make the perfect gift.
  2. Go purchase these ties.

Target Market: Females that are looking for a gift for their significant other.

Action for consumers to take is to go to store that offers these ties and purchase it for a gift.    


Newspaper Ad: Galloway’s Garage

Description: This ad my seem simple at first but I believe that there is a lot of marketing techniques taking place.  First off the elegant car in the ad draws you in, the car is displayed as if it is driving forward the reader.  You have pleased looking couple in the car.  After you finish looking at the car you look for what type of car is displayed which is displayed on top of the ad.  Before you look at the rest of the ad, you probably glanced back at the car and probably noticed the super deluxe super imposed under the right front light.  Underneath the car is the description of the car in regular text.  Followed below the description of the car is the name of the company selling the car, which is in all cap, bold, and different font then the other letters in the description paragraph.

View Ad: Galloway’s Garage

Technique used: The ad uses transfer technique throughout.  I first notice the couple that is enjoying driving this car, therefor anyone who drove this car will feel the same way.  The car displayed big on the paper ad relative to anything else, this provides a sense of how big the car might be in real life.  The description of the car is grandiose and spacious only reaffirms the picture of the car.  There is more descriptive words used such as how the drive is smoother and sound which affirms why the couple is enjoying the ride.


  1. Build up the new Ford model cars.
  2. Indicate where someone can purchase these new Ford model cars

Target Market: The target audience for this advertisement are males that can afford luxury vehicles.

Action:  After viewing this advertisement people will go to Galloway’s Garage and check out the new Ford model cars.   


Newspaper Ad: Game of Thrones

Description: This is a very unique ad, probably one of the best ones I’ve seen so far.  There is a dragon superimposed on the newspaper.  The dragon spans over two pages of the newspaper however, the dragon does not prevent someone from reading the words of the newspaper.   On the second page of the newspaper the text of the ad is displayed in a box that is not outlined.  The first words that you see is a capitalized Game of Thrones, followed by when the new season will start.  The HBO logo is also displayed in bold letters.  The name of the show, dates of the show, new season indication, and HBO are all in different types of texts.

View Ad: Game of Thrones

Technique used: The wit and humor technique is utilized in this ad; the image of the dragon that spans two pages draws reader in with curiosity.  The use of the dragon superimposed on the print gives the view a reason to follow the natural direction of the ad to where the Game of Thrones is displayed.  Now the view is looking at what this dragon is associated with.


  1. Watch the new season of Game of Thrones on HBO.

Target Market: Viewers of the last season of Game of Thrones.

Action for viewers to take is to watch the first episode of the Game of Thrones on that particular date and time through HBO.      

5 thoughts on “Newspaper Advertisements”

  1. Greetings Toochikwu,

    You chose such interesting ads–all are from old papers except the Game of Thrones, which I agree is one of the best ads out there. Regarding the older ads, what are your thoughts on how different those ads are from the ones today? The tie ad isn’t politically correct with the word “Girls” and we’d certainly not see anything with “No dope” associated with a soft drink today. For the Dragon ad, I couldn’t tell whether the articles were associated with the ad. Having the shadow over something I’ve written for a newspaper (which detracts from readability), wouldn’t make me too happy, but it’s a great ad for the show.

    I enjoyed viewing your ads! Barbara

  2. Toochikwu,

    Great find on the Game of Thrones ad. I don’t know much about the show, but I would be willing to check out the show as the ad peeks my interest. If it is airing on HBO and had multiple seasons, chances are that it is a produced well and has a large following. I’ll have to look for it on TV.

    I find it interesting that you chose four fairly old ads. Isn’t it amazing how advertising has changed over the years yet some elements ( attack on Coke) stay the same? Several of the ads (Pepsi and Ford) are very simple and straight to the point with their messages. The pepsi add takes Coca Cola head on as it refers to “no dope.” Coca Cola was putting cocaine in their beverage in the early years for both energy and addiction.

    Thanks for the vintage wads.

  3. Toochikwu,

    First of all I must commend you on doing research to find these vintage print advertisements.

    I could not have even imagined that Pepsi ad would be so plain. Moreover it is funny when it says that it “aids in digestion”. Obviously, at that time these were new products and there was not research available to challenge their claims.

    Great selection of ads and sound analysis.


  4. Hey Toochikwu,

    Great section of ads! I agree with you, I feel like that Game of Thrones ad is one of the best newspaper ads I’ve seen. I wonder how much they paid for the placement of that dragon? Without a doubt it will catch the audiences attention and make them look at the bottom advertisement. I enjoy the show Game of Thrones, I find it amazing how much they’ve been advertising. Even though this ad was just print, I thought it was the most creative one I’ve seen. Obviously, I wouldn’t have seen this ad if it weren’t for your analysis, not a big newspaper reader but I will be keeping an eye out to see how else they advertise their show.

    Great job!

  5. Toochikwu,

    Wow, you have really done some research! Your vintage ads are really neat. I love how Wearplus Ties ropes in the women through shear curiosity. On another note it made me laugh when I saw the price of the ties, it’s amazing to see how far we have come advertising wise and as a whole.

    I don’t think one could talk about great advertising and not mention Pepsi. As proven by your article they have been around for decades and have produced some the of the most memorable advertisements to date. Just to tell you have powerful their brand is, my grandmother still drinks a Pepsi after dinner because she say it helps settle her stomach. Oh and yes she still calls them Pepsi-Cola’s!

    Way to dig up some great vintage articles!


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