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Outdoor Advertisements

Out of home advertising, therefore, is on marketing to consumers when they are “on the go” in public places, in transit, waiting (such as in a medical office), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue). Outdoor advertising formats fall into four main categories: billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative.

Outdoor Advertisements


National Geographic Advertisements: Exploring Caves in America

Description: The advertisement is located on the bottom of an apartment balcony, this already creates the backdrop needed to insinuate the purpose of the advertisement.   The advertisement has bat like creatures hanging from the bottom of the balcony and a backdrop of the front page of the National Geographic magazine.

View Ad: Exploring Caves in America

Technique used: Wit and humor, the visual affect helps draw attention to the magazine.


  1. To bring attention to the next magazine from National Geographic.

Target Market: Anyone that likes national geographic magazines or magazines about nature.  


Nooka advertisement: Hold Everything

Description:  This advertisement is very unique in that it is a moving ad on a moving platform.  The ad is on a moving sidewalk in a airport, the ad consist of money, credit cards, ids, etc.  Basically anything that can fit in a wallet is displayed on the moving platform of the walkway.  The wallet contents is moving toward a wallet at the end of the runway, at the bottom of the wallet are the words “Hold everything.  The asset organizer.”.

View Ad: Nooka, Hold Everything

Technique used: Wit and humor is also utilized in this advertisement.  Exploiting the moving platform the advertisers are able to draw people’s attention to the end of the platform.


  1. Bring attention to the asset organizer offered by Nooka.

Target Market: The target audience for this advertisement could be anyone, but more specifically adults to business class individuals.

Action:  After viewing this ad consumers look up this asset organizer offered by Nooka. 


Caribou: Coffee Oven

Description: This ad might be one of the best outdoor advertisements that I have seen.  The ad is enclosed in a bus shelter and is designed as an oven.  The pictures of breakfast sandwiches on racks is on the back of the shelter.  The top of the shelter is a real heater coil.  On the left of the shealter is words “Hot n wholesome”.

View Ad: Caribou Coffee Oven

Technique used: Wit is used in this ad.


  1. Say warm in the bus shelters.
  2. Buy breakfast sandwiches from Caribou.

Target Market: Early risers, those that tend to eat breakfast on the go in the mornings.


Puma Love = Football

Description: Very simple advertisement however it is very effective.  The ad canvas is the side of a brick building.  There is a simple hart outline followed by an equal sign followed by a giant soccer ball smashing through the building.  There is the puma logo and an outline of Africa.

View Ad: Love = Football

Technique used: Wit, 3D


  1. Build up brand awareness.
  2. Promote Puma’s ‘Love=Football’ campaign and their sponsorship of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Target Market: The target audience for this ad are all football fans.

Action:  After viewing this advertisement people will get ready to watch the World Cup and be more aware of the connection of Puma and football.


Buffalo 2010 Empire State Games

Description: The first thing that you notice is the 3D figure of an athlete jumping over the billboard.  The billboard displays the advertisement for the 2010 Buffalo Empire State Games.

View Ad: Buffalo 2010 Empire State Games

Technique used: The wit and humor technique is utilized in this ad; the image of the athlete jumping over billboard draws people to looking at the ad.  The use of the 3D technique is extremely affective in drawing attention.


  1. Get ready for the upcoming Empire State Games.
  2. Watch the Empire State Games.

Target Market: Individuals that like the Olympics style sporting events.

Action for viewers to take is to watch the games and visit the official website of the games. 



3 thoughts on “Outdoor Advertisements”

  1. Toochikwu,

    It appears as though the Caribou interactive 3-D bus stop has just taken over my favorite ad. That is a truly amazing idea. Not only is a 3-D ad, the viewer is actually taking part in the advertising process. That is some very progressive marketing. This ad is going to take outdoor advertising to new heights.

    Speaking of heights, the National Geographic ad is outstanding. What an amazing way to clearly communicate what the feature article is all about and add, for some, an eerie twist. Those bats are large enough to catch anyones attention. That being said, once a person sees the bats they will see the reminder of the ad. I wonder how much more these types of ads are compared to regular single surface outdoor ads? Certainly the ad retention rate is worth the extra dollars.

    You present a nice selection of advertisements, thanks for sharing.

  2. Toochikwu,

    The Caribou Coffee bus stop ad is really awesome! The fact that the heat coil really heats up in the incredibly cold Minneapolis winter is phenomenal! I am sure this ad wins the hearts of many residents of Minneapolis as the creators of this ad wanted to not only provide them a tasty breakfast but with warmth as they wait for the bus and hopefully as they are eating one of their breakfast sandwiches. What a two-fold ad! If I lived in Minneapolis in the winter I would always want to stand at this bus stop which is probably what most Minneapolitans do and whenever they are thinking of a breakfast sandwich they will more than likely subconsciously think of Caribou Coffee.

    The Nooka wallet is a great ad as it shows exactly how Nooka will help you stay organized. It has all of the items that most people carry with them daily and advertising in a metro station is a great marketing move. The conveyor belt has a line of items such as credit cards, photo identification, metro card, etc. and shows you how they can all fit nice and neatly into the Nooka wallet. At the end of the conveyor belt is the picture of an actual wallet that they sell. It would be really neat to know how many of this particular wallet they sold since it was displayed in this metro station.

    Great ads!


  3. Toochikwu,

    Awesome selection of ads. I thought that Nooka, Hold Everything was very creative! I don’t ever recall seeing an ad placed in that location of the conveyer belt. It will definitely get peoples attention and is very effective for the product being advertised. I wonder why we don’t see more advertisements on these conveyor belts in metro stations or airports, it is definitely a good placement for an ad.

    The Caribou Coffee ad is great. Having lived in upstate NY for the majority of my life, being a very cold climate, I definitely appreciate this ad. I would definitely be a supporter of Caribou Coffee over the competition if I were used this bus station.

    Great analysis!

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